Sunday, 21 July 2013

Is Erotic Romance nothing more than mummy porn?

Following on from a lovely post by Meg, which tackles the taboo subject of admitting you read *gasp* romance, I thought I’d address a similar issue.

I’m not a mummy. I read erotic romance. See, didn’t even blush admitting that.

Plus all of my friends and most of my colleagues have jumped on the ‘what to read after Fifty Shades of Grey’ bandwagon. Makes coffee time at the solicitor’s office quite interesting.

Most of us are in our late 20’s, we don’t just want explicit scenes on every page, but we want twisty emotional stories that break the mould. Don’t get me wrong, I have my favourite authors and still read across genres but I always pick up the latest erotic romance.


Because they shock me. They make me feel (and no, I’m not talking about the smexy stuff). Well done, they’re not just about the sex although that may be what sells them. I can relate to them. If an author writes contemporary and resonates with me while giving me an addictive story that makes my jaw drop, then I’ll auto-buy that authors book and recommend her/him to everyone I know.   

So what brought this post on? Two things.

One. I was at a party recently with a wide gap between the youngest and oldest partygoer. My friend, the host, is my age and reads anything and everything romance. We were chatting about my next book which stirred some teasing from the some people there, both older and younger. My friend is lovely. She is one of my biggest fans and is very open in all aspects of her life. Her answer to their jibes was to ask what their problem was with reading emotionally packed stories. She then went on to say that sex is used to sell most things, from toothpaste to cars so why not books? It’s brought in a helluva readership. Those teasers had no reply.

Two. My first ever erotic romance is going to be released very soon from Harper Impulse. It’s the beginning of a trilogy, following three best friends and the sexy men who show them how fun life can really be. I’ve been embarrassed about using my real name for these, as they are hotter than anything I’ve ever attempted, but then I thought why? They fit my voice, they’re fun, flirty and steamy – everything my other books are. Just have more details in the bedroom.

So though deemed ‘mummy porn’ I think erotic romance, when done well, brings more than sex. It’s the darkness, the shock factor, the deep connections formed between the characters, and not to forget the fact most are not forged on fantasy. Real life is gritty, people are more open minded especially the younger generations.

So no, I don’t think its mummy porn, not when I know so many not-yet-mummies who read the genre. Would love to hear what you all think. 


  1. I think the world didn't know what hit it when all these women were openly declaring that the were reading erotica. I am personally loving it, though i am glad of my ereader lol

  2. Ha me too. Still don't have the courage to read 50 on the bus :)

  3. I think mommy porn is a terrible phrase. It's condemning. I prefer a more traditional romance, but I like them hot, and I too have only gotten to the point where I've finally decided, "why should I be ashamed of it?" Now, my copy of 50 Shades is an e-copy, so I couldn't read it on the bus, but if I had a copy, I would in a heartbeat. I adored that book and I think there's more to it than just the sex and if people can't see that they're not looking hard enough, and the shame...should be on them. And I'm quite honestly tired of people trying to condemn me, for one reason or another, because I liked the book. So, if someone asked or made a comment, I'd give 'em an earful. ;)

    Forgive. This one sets me off. I hate that term. It's insulting to women and it shows the ignorance of the people who use it. If women wanted porn, they'd watch porn. I happen to like erotic romance because there's a level of honesty to it. It's grittier, and like you mentioned, they've got a more modern feel. They're very much a "guilty pleasure" for me, in the sense that I can't write them, so they become something I can just sit back and enjoy reading.

    I'm very much looking forward to yours. :)

  4. It's very condemning, and I don't think people get that porn and romance are two separate things. No way could I read 300 pages of non-stop sex. 50 did have emotion, even if the kinky sex was part of the plot. But take it away and you've still got a dark, deeply emotional romance with a damaged hero and innocent heroine.

    Thanks Joanne!