Saturday, 15 June 2013

Squeezing in a bit of Romance

Looks like it must be my time of the month to get on here and have a rant, sorry, I mean a discussion, about life in general and especially romance.

Currently my life is somewhat centred around babies, toddlers and small children.  Let me tell you know that new-born twins don’t leave a lot of time left in your day for romance.  Even when you only have one baby at a time, (which my four year daughter says would have been more sensible) there isn’t a lot of breathing room to get all misty eyed with the hubby.

Candle lit dinners at expensive restaurants do not work, I can tell you that now, not with four children in tow.  Even an evening in front of the box tends to end up with me falling asleep before the end, and my husband eating all the popcorn while I am upstairs putting in someone’s dummy for the umpteenth time.

So what’s a girl to do?

It’s the little things that keep the romance in a marriage going. 

Like my husband running a bath for me at the end of the day and taking the time to find the matches and light enough candles to read a book by (or burn the house down, whatever your pleasure). 

This massively beats my current bath running capability which would be:

Is there water? Check? 
Is it hot and soapy? Check. 

In I dive only to discover lack of dry towels within reach etc.

Alright, he's not quite up to this level, but he does try his best.
It’s a box of chocolates to scoff during the middle of the night feed.
Don't tell my dentist.
It’s hiding the one line love note under my husband’s coffee cup in the morning.
Putting a love note on the washing line however would guarantee he would never see it...
It’s a text message at lunch time.

It’s making my husband’s favourite meal (hot dogs!) for tea.

Or putting a drop of my perfume on my husband’s pillow.

All little things, none of them costing the earth in time or money, but all of them make the difference. 

What small things make your heart go pitter-pat?



  1. Aw that is so sweet. I have no idea how you find the time to keep all this going, but I'm glad you both do. I'd struggle with one child, never mind two toddlers and twins.

    I'm not very romantic actually (I know, shocker being a romance author). Quite happy with the anti-romance stuff. Like going on a date to a comedy club or rock concert. And if he forks out tickets to a music festival, well, that's my kind of guy :)


  2. Aimee, I think it because I have four children that I LIKE the romantic stuff. It never used to bother me before. I mean, sheesh I met my husband at the Tiddleywinks club, remember, hardly a romantic hotspot. But when your days are filled with nappies and small people demanding things, little romantic gestures mean a lot more. A guy who will carry me over a puddle, or change a filled nappy is my kind of guy!

  3. I imagine it would change with lots of kids. Yes, I remember that romantic meeting over Tiddleywinks ;o). I'm glad the hubby is a nappy changer. I think that's the sole reason I'm scared to have children. I couldn't cope with a filled nappy!


  4. Oh my god you are amazing! I hope he knows just how lucky he is. I got incredibly touched the other day by my husband tying my shoelaces for me so I didn't trip over them. I found it ridiculously romantic and I don't think he even noticed!

  5. Shoe lacing tying definitey quaifies as romantic, it contains all necessary qualifications for him caring and being a hero even if it didn't require dragon fighting etc.;o)