Sunday, 10 February 2013


Hey everybody!

This is my first time participate in this particular list, but I'm familiar with the concept. My seven come from my contemporary romance, The Playboy's Baby. I let the name of the list inspire me. ;) 

With a quiet, panicked curse, his head snapped up. Brows drawn together, his dark eyes searched hers, first in fear then in slowly dawning shock. “You’re a virgin.”

She met the accusation in his eyes, and her heart lurched. “Don’t stop. I couldn’t bear it if you stopped now.”

She shifted her hips against his, to adjust to the unfamiliar feeling of fullness, to entice him and divest them of the tension that suddenly spanned the miniscule space between them.

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  1. Welcome to Sexy Snippets, and what a great seven to tease us with. :-)

  2. Welcome to sexy snippets. A great snippet.

  3. Welcome as well. Sexy and intense snippet!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing with me!

  4. Great Snippet Joanne :o) Loved The Playboy's Secret Baby.

  5. *The Playboy's Baby. Sorry, still early here :-/ xx

  6. HiAimee, I simply love your blog and have nominated you for a Very inspiring Blogger Award. To collect it's simple, click onto my blog and follow the rules.
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