Friday, 8 February 2013

An Introduction

I'm afraid you've got me again today as I think I'm the only Romanchic who isn't snowed under with work or in bed with the lurgy. So I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce myself properly.

I'm a stay-at-home-mum with two young daughters (2 and 4 years old) and I'm expecting a boy and another little girl in the near future. Obviously I haven't always been a stay at home mum but to be honest that whole 'before children' life is starting to get rather blurry, something you think about late in the evening after you've got up for the thousandth time to tuck someone back in or find a teddy who is determined to hide in the bedsheets with a previously unsuspected determination.

This is about how big their teddies seem in the middle of the night when you are trying to find them in the dark...

But before breeding my own little army, I used to work as a physicist in various different roles. So a mad scientist by any other name.

Life before becoming a baby making machine...

Not the most obvious career history for a historical romance writer. In fact, until I was pregnant with my first I NEVER even read romance books, I only got into reading them having accidently ordered one of Georgette Heyer's romance novels instead of her few crime ones.

One of my favourites...
And from then on I was hooked. Funny how life turns out that way, a chance encounter, a mistake, a random decision, all can be sufficient to send your life winging in another direction.

I can't even claim that I have always wanted to write. Most writers have a blurb that says ever since they were able to pick up a pen they have been writing stories... etc. Nope. Definitely not. I am sorry to admit that English classes always seemed a bit of a waste of time to me, after all I can speak English already. So why did I start writing? Because I was bored one day. There you go, I've admitted it. No grand reasoning, no overwhelming passion to create, just felt like it. And well I found it pretty addictive and four years later, I'm still tapping away at the keyboard.

But enough rambling as my back is protesting about being sat down in a hard chair and one twin is doing a good job of kicking me in the ribs so off to flop onto a sofa for a bit, if I can persuade the girls to leave me alone and not just pile on top of me. Who am I kidding....

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  1. No way! I never knew you came to romance so late in the day! Amazing. I love your career background - it's never been cooler to be a physicist. Laura Kinsale was a Geologist working in the Petroleum industry before she because a best selling novelist!

  2. Honestly, I think I was one of those people who would lift her nose in disdain at the thought of reading a romantic novel, but if I am completely honest, my favourite crime books were always the ones with romantic elements and in a series of books I always preferred the ones where they meet their true love. So probably was just a closet romantic...