Friday, 18 January 2013

The Perfect Romance Hero: The RESULTS

Last week I asked you "What makes the Perfect Romance Hero?"

Because as Laura Kinsale (gawd bless her) says, "The man carries the book."

You hear that romance writers?

The man carries the book.

He's the key.

So what did our survey reveal to be the Perfect Romance Hero?

1. He's tall.  

Shockingly, despite the beauty of Richard Armitage's Thorin Oakenshield and the transformation of the Tolkien dwarf into loveboat sex symbol, 100% of you think that your Perfect Romance Hero would be tall. Armitage/Hobbit lovers (or haters) read this.

Dwarf hotness - Thorin, Fili and Kili (and the rest)

2. He's brunette. No grey.  No...

Actually, most of you don't care.  Though not one respondent chose blond or red-headed. What? No Daniel Craig lovers out there?

3. He's muscular OR athletic. 

Alright you were split on this.  But skinny? No chance. Cuddly? No thank you.  Poor Robbie Coltrane...

4. Personality?  Your perfect hero....  There is no perfect. 

Interestingly, some of you like brooders.  Some of you want a man who will be kind to animals.  Others a man who will make you laugh. Some want to be protected, some challenged.  Some want a man wittier and more dazzling than the Scarlet Pimpernel.

Frankly, as long as he's tall, you don't care.  Okay, that's not entirely true.  More of you liked clever (31%) OR protective (38%).  Only one personality type lost out: romantic!  A hero that remembers all the little things?  Forget it.

5.  He's brilliantly clever! 

Overwhelmingly, most of you (92%) preferred your hero to be brilliantly clever rather than magnificently strong.  Roll over Gaston, the book-loving beast is in town.  I always was a sucker for MacGyver.

Oooooh MacGyver
6. He's locally minded.

Most of you prefer a man that saves his village (77%), not the world.  Protects his own.  Charity heroes need not apply.

7. He lives in a mansion.... no a castle... no a pirate ship... no a ranch.... no a viking longhouse!

Frankly, the only place your hero doesn't live is in the great outdoors.  Fairly evenly representing the split of romance genres, your hero calls all sorts of places his home.

But a lot of you like a mansion (46%). Or a castle (23%). Somewhere big, anyway.

Castle dwelling is the way to go

8. Your hero travels by any means necessary.

Okay, so you have a mild preference for sports cars (38%) and stallions (23%), but each category had its fans. Even dragon-riding!

9. Your Perfect Hero owns a dog. 

62% of you dream of a dog lover.  15% of you prefer a cat or no pets at all. Something exotic gets a look in, but a parrot?  No way?  WHAT ABOUT THE HERO ON THE PIRATE SHIP?  No parrot?


10. He's human.

This was the biggest shock result.  100% of you voted that your Perfect Romance Hero was human.  NOT a vampire.  Or a shifter.  Or a werewolf.  Or a fae.

Twilight has truly had its day.  Humans are here to stay.

So there you have it.  Your Perfect Mansion-dwelling, dog-loving, sports car driving, 6' 3" Romance Hero (apparently) looks a bit like.... this:

Meg McNulty 



  1. Ooo, but he is a bit nice though, isn't he?! YUM

  2. Nope that chap doesn't do a thing for me.

    And I think the problem with the ginger haired chappies (being married to one gives me experience here) is not the hair colour, it's the super white skin and freckles that come with it. Strip the shirt off a ginger chappy and you've got a huge expanse of white covered with ginger fluff. Not the best image for a front cover!

  3. Yep, hero design by committee works for me. One word springs to mind - phwoar!

  4. Dude works for me.

    Jess has hubster offended you? That's yesterday and today the poor man has been mentioned ;)


  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Spelling - I hate it! I thought I spelled your hunk's name wrong, too, but I got it right this time. LOL!

      Your final guy is Eduardo Verastegui and he's my image for the hero in one of my WIP - he's sooooo gorgeous. Everyone's ideal can't be the same ... if it was, we'd be in deep trouble because there aren't enough to go around. : )
      Swoon on MacGyver too!

    2. Thanks Amy! Now we can all google lots more pics of him ;-)

  6. hahaha! Yup, that would be him. Though I will admit in answering some of those questions, the answer really was, "any of the above." But you couldn't just pick one of those for some. I don't care where he lives or what he drives. It's WHO he is that matters. And muscles. He's gotta have big muscles. It's a fantasy. Might as well have it all, right? ;)

  7. I love that we're all so diverse with what we love, makes sure there's someone for everyone! And talking redheads, quite keen on Damien Lewis...and yes, your last guy would work for me too!

  8. Aimee... haha no. My husband reads this blog and agreed with every work, especially the washing machine :) I'm fortunate in that we have a very similar sense of humour!

    1. :D You have a lovely hubby there :)

      Lisa, I like Damien Lewis too. Maybe I'm not as fussy as I thought I was. Oh, and the guy who played Bradley in Eastenders did it for me too.

  9. Damien Lewis in Forsyte Saga but what about Michael Fassbender? And let's not forget Toby Stephens. He could grace a romance front cover any day!