Friday, 11 January 2013

The man carries the book

"The man carries the book."

Okay not literally. Or not unless you're at primary school and a bright-eyed seven year old with very good manners has his eye on you and your sherbet dib-dab.

"The man carries the book," is a quote from Laura Kinsale.

Now, I love Laura Kinsale.  I'm a freakish Laura Kinsale fan girl. I read her books on my kindle and then I buy them in paperback just so I can stroke them on my bookshelves.

Damn it, I BELIEVE in Laura Kinsale.

So when she tells me that the man carries the book, I am forced to believe it must be true, because to doubt Laura Kinsale would be like discovering fairies don't exist (don't even say it).

Gratuitous Fabio pic...  there can be only one. 

But what does she actually mean?

The point she - and the wicked wits behind Beyond Heaving Bosoms (Sarah Wendell and Candy Tan of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books fame) - are making is that you can have a romance novel with a too-stupid-to-live heroine as long as your hero cuts the mustard.

Heroes are what makes or breaks a romance.

So my question to you, ladies and gentlemen, is... what makes the perfect hero?  

If you're struggling to remember, I cordially invite you to check out MY best romantic heroes of all time from book, stage and screen. With pictures.  Make sure you have a hankie for that drool.

Complete these ten questions.... and find out what everyone else thinks!

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Thanks for playing!


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  1. Ohh, fun fun!

    My answer? Tall, dark hair, lots of muscles. Everything else is negotiable. What?! Okay, seriously, I'm partial to the protector and the brooder. And the bad boy. Bad boys are nice too. ;)

  2. I'm partial to a brooder too. And a clever guy! Preferably both :-)

  3. Hmm, clever, athletic, dark, handsome, witty, kind, bad, protecting... Am I being unrealistic? Probably why I'm still single :) Too picky

  4. It was so hard to choose. I LOVE brooding heroes but clever, quick-witted ones too. It goes without saying muscular and athletic. He must be willing to die to save the ones he loves but because he's clever, he'll survive unscathed. ;)

    Thanks for sending me this way, Meg!!!

  5. I think I've got several perfect heroes which is why I love ship captains, warriors, vampires, shifters, police, spies, firemen, undercover agents, the occasional sexy actor who likes to run in the morning and many others.
    Yes, if you don't fall in love with the hero, you're not going to like the story.
    The man carries the book. : )

    1. Can't believe I forgot shifters and vamps! Now my list grows longer :)

  6. For me its all about the character. I could probably fall in love with bacteria so long as despite the bad (and I prefer really bad) there is room for redemption. That's redemption not utter defeat. xx

  7. I just realized that truth the other day, but couldn't put it into one sentence until now. Nice. :) Thank you.

    As for heroes, it's all about character for me, too. He has to have a moral code he lives by (doesn't necessarily need to be the same as those around him) and he needs to stay true to himself in most situations. I like heroes that take charge, but not the kind who are jerks about it. And, although I love a good bad boy, I really adore the kind who takes on that role so he can help others, not just because he's a self-centered, boy-in-men's-clothing.

  8. I think I'm going to go for a light hearted hero, heroic in the true sense of the word... i.e. a man who will tackle the washing up without complaining. Oh and he has to be tall. Well taller than me at any rate, which gives a fair scope to be honest.