Monday, 21 January 2013

Let’s hear it for the heroine

Because she’s important too (unless you’ve picked up a m/m). So far all my heroines have been innocent and a little shy with hidden cores of steel.

My favourite is Caitlyn from Isle of Sensuality. Before the story begins she’s spent her life looking after and protecting her younger sister. Although now in the limelight, she’s made a huge effort to hide from the world (the gal has her reasons), and she’s never been one for confrontation. But, pushed to extremes when her sexy co-star shows up late, her backbone shows and she hauls him over the coals.

I’m a sucker for heroines who are more than a match for their hero. What’s more fun than reading about a girl holding her own? I wouldn’t take a man’s alpha asshat behaviour in real life, and I don’t expect my heroines to either. They may have moments of doubt, insecurities and flaws but it’s what shows on the surface that counts.

In the bedroom though, the game’s anybody’s. Both Anna from The Monster of Fame and Caitlyn are innocent and it’s their men that take control in a sense, but both know themselves well enough to instigate the sexy times—even if they’re unsure of the specifics. Click here for an excerpt from when Caitlyn decides she’s going to get that man between the sheets.

The one thing that does make me lose respect for a heroine (in any book) is if they get all the way to the end of their journey and they’re still as shy/innocent/weak as they were at the beginning. By the end of The Monster of Fame, Anna fights her fears and by the end of Isle of Sensuality, Caitlyn faces hers head on, damn the consequences.

So what’s your favourite type of heroine? Do you like them strong from the outset? Flawed? Emotionally stunted? Weak? Temperamental? Feisty? Sassy? Innocent?

I’m giving away one electronic copy of Isle of Sensuality. Leave a comment with your answer and your email address below to be entered into the draw. The winner will be announced on Monday 28th January 2013.


  1. I like my heroines with a bit of spunk but they shouldn't have such big balls as to make themselves stupid beyond belief. And I'm not much of a fan of heroines who just have a thing against men in general. Same goes for the hero being against women. Your heroines, Aimee, definitely have the right amount of spunk!

  2. I'm with Andrea. I want a heroine who is sane and take responsibility for their actions. I like Connie Brockway and Amanda Quick's heroines for that reason. In Georgette Heyer-land I like Venetia and Frederica (of the books of the same names) over Judith Taverner (Regency Buck) or Nell Cardross (April Lady).

  3. Yes, sane and not too ballsy are definitely good qualities :)

    Thanks Jess!

  4. hehe. Leave it to me to be the different one in the bunch. I'll admit I tend to like the softer gals. It's fun to watch a kickass heroine, but I kind of like seeing Cinderella in a heroine as well. Someone not sure of herself, a bit more quiet, but strong in her own right. I like watching her grow and yup, I like seeing the underdog get her man.

    I'm currently reading this one and I like Caitlyn. She's got spunk, but she's also got her insecurities, too. That, to me, makes her real. :)

  5. Any and all of the above do it for me, Aimee. Like you, I don't care where they start in the beginning, I love it and have to see them come into their own....

  6. Glad you like her Joanne. I love her spunk too :)

    Sri, definitely ;). Thanks for stopping by.


  7. one that sticks up for herself and isnt afraid of saying the wrong thing and tons of dignity, compassion and humour :)

    1. Yes! She sounds like the perfect heroine :) Oh, and I also like a prickly heroine too.

    2. Prickly is a perfect word, I agree, prickly should be added to the list :)))